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Event Managers & Assistants
Account Owners

Do you organize private events and sell tickets?

You do, that's awesome!

At the moment, we have one official integration with a ticketing system, which is HeySummit. Check out this article for a demonstration on how to set this up

But... that doesn't mean you can't organize a paid event with Remo using another platform 

Here's how:

1.  Choose the ticketing system you prefer! And set it up as you normally would

2.  On Remo, create a private event, which only allows invited guests to enter the event space. Here's an article on how to create a private event

3. After the last call, export the list of guests from your ticketing system and add it to the Guest list on Remo. Here's a demonstration of how you can import a list of guests into Remo

4. You can choose to send invitations from Remo or Turn off Remo's emails

5. Only invited individuals will now be able to attend

Guests have to use the email registered in the guest list, otherwise they will not be able to access the event

And that's all ✨ 

Enjoy your Exclusive Event on Remo!