Are you looking to join the Remo Affiliate program?


That’s awesome! We’re so glad to hear you believe in Remo just as much as we do ✨


All you need to get started is your Enthusiasm, Determination and your Affiliate Account


1. Sign up to either of our Affiliate programs:

  • Remo Ambassador Program: Partners who are responsible for Marketing the Remo Conference Platform too and Closing New Customers
  • Remo Referral Program: Partners who are responsible for referring Potential New Leads to the Remo Sales Team

For the full list of differences between these two programs, please refer to this article


Sign up for the Remo Ambassador Program here


Sign up for the Remo Referral Program here


2. Add your email, first name, last name and create a password


3. Click on the check box to agree with the Ambassador Terms and Conditions

4. Click on the 'Sign Up' button


5. As a Remo Affiliate, you will have special links (called referral links), that can be shared to your prospective customers, and the technology will track all the people who signed up after visiting your links. Check out this article on how to use FirstPromoter or this one on how to find/create your referral links