After you have created your affiliate account, please follow the steps below to find or create your referral links

1.  Scroll down to the bottom of your first promoter dashboard

2.  You will see an area that lists all your referral links

3. Click on the ‘links(2)’ button on the left side of the search bar

4. Click the 'Add link' button

5. Enter the link (that you want to change into a referral link) and name it appropriately. Once you're done click the 'Save' button and your referral link is ready

The full link AND your referral code should be inputted into your FirstPromoter if you would like this to be tracked

Please note referral links will only work for Remo domains

Bonus Tip - How to Easily Create Referral Links

1. You can make any link into your referral link by just adding your unique affiliate code at the end of the link

The affiliate code is the part from “?fpr=_______” that you can see in your existing referral links

2. To get this code select the part “?fpr=_______” from an existing affiliate link and copy it

3. Add the affiliate code at the end of any link to transform a normal link into your referral link. After adding the affiliate code the link will be tracked by the system

For example: