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Click here to choose your monthly or annual Remo plan and click 'Buy now'

Click 'Apply a coupon' and enter your coupon code (e.g. "ED###OFF") in the coupon field, and click the 'right arrow' icon before you proceed to checkout and submit your billing information

Enjoy Remo! ✨

Remember that coupons are valid for a limited time. If you are having problems activating a coupon, it may have expired already. If you need help, please contact our support team

Do you already have an account?

No worries!

You can apply the coupon through your Billing settings and it will be applied from the next payment onwards.

1. Enter your Plan & Billing page

2. Tab Account Information


3. Tab Account details

4. In Manage Subscription, press the arrow to enter your plan's settings

5. Edit your Subscription

6. Apply the coupon and update your subscription

That's it!