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Before you begin, please test your mobile’s compatibility with Remo here. This will allow you to diagnose if there is a problem and where it is!

Our mobile web version is still in beta, but we do support the following devices.

Operating System (OS)Operating System (OS) VersionBrowserBrowser Version
iOS Mobile Web (beta)12.4.1+Safari12.1+
Android Mobile Web (beta)7+Chrome77+

Check your browser and operating system

Click here to check your OS and browser version

iOS / iPhone:

For iOS, Remo Conference supports:

  • iOS 12.4.1 +
  • iOS 13.0 +

For iPhone Device Hardware, Remo Conference supports:

  • iPhone 6s or better

For iPhone Browsers, Remo Conference supports:

  • iPhone Safari Version 12.1+


For Android OS, Remo Conference supports:

  • Android 7
  • Android 8
  • Android 9
  • Android 10

For Android Device Hardware, Remo Conference supports:

  • Android phones that are sold from the year 2016 and onwards

For Android Browsers, Remo Conference supports:

  • Remo supports the Google Chrome browser version 77+ on Android only, download it here

Please note though, that when using mobile, you will not be able to share your screen, go into presentation mode or use the whiteboard

We recommend using a laptop or computer to access Remo for the best experience if possible. For the list of supported devices and browsers on a desktop, please check here. Tablets and iPads are not supported at the moment