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Remo offers a variety of plans to meet your event’s needs. All these plans make use of a guest-day usage structure to offer the best value for your events.

For more information on how guest-days work, you can check out this article. For a breakdown of Remo plans, you can refer to our pricing page here

This article covers how you can purchase additional guest-days for your account if you need to.

Please note though, only Account Owners will be able to top-up guest-days, so please make sure you ensure you have enough remaining guest-days prior to your event

In case your Account Owner is not available, an Event Host (Event Manager or Event Assistant) can contact Chat Support or write to to request for additional guest-days for your account. Any member who is not an Event Host cannot request for additional guest-days.

So, let’s get started!

1. You can check the number of guest-days your team has available through your Account Settings, under the Guest Usage tab. 

This is also where you can access additional information, such as your current plan,  guest-day purchase history, and guest-day usage over time or event.

2. To purchase more guest-days for your team, click the blue ‘Add More Guests’ button (under where it shows your remaining guest-day balance)

If you do not see an 'Add More Guests' button, please contact our Sales Team at, if you would like to add additional guest-days

3. Enter the number of guest-days you would like to get

You can check the cost per guest-day for you on this pop-up as well (highlighted in red below)

4. Click ‘Continue to Checkout

5. Review your Order, and click ‘Confirm’ once you are good to go

6. A confirmation box should pop up in the lower right corner of your screen, and you should see your guest-day balance increase by the amount you purchase.

You can also download your invoice from this guest-day purchase immediately by clicking ‘Download Invoice’ in the confirmation box

7. You can check all your past guest-day purchases in the Purchase History section of your Guest Usage tab