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Event Managers & Assistants
Account Owners

Remo for Zoom can help you boost engagement at your online event by uniting Zoom's well-known and easy-to-use platform with Remo's dynamic and visually immersive environment (where one breakout room in Zoom equals one table in Remo).

With this integration, meeting owners can level up their breakout room experience by layering the unique values Remo's Conversation Mode provides:

  • Participants can easily jump between breakout room conversations by double-clicking on a new conversation (table)
  • Everyone can get the lay of the land - participants can see who is in what conversations directly on our visual map
  • Owners can fully customize their breakout room setting to match their brand/meeting needs and embed key information relevant to their participants

You can check out the Zoom demo video below:

This article also covers the step-by-step process of how to set up and use the Remo zoom app:


*On some Zoom plans, an account admin may need to pre-authorize the Remo App for Zoom

  • The desktop/laptop version of Zoom - upgraded to the latest version (Zoom Apps will not work on mobile devices or the browser version of Zoom)

Installing the Remo App for Zoom

All users participating in the meeting need to install the Remo App for Zoom (including the meeting owner and participants)

1. Click here to install the Remo App for Zoom from Zoom's App Marketplace 

Alternatively, if you already have your Zoom app opened, you can select 'Apps' and search for 'Remo' directly from there as well.

2. Click 'Add' or 'Visit site to add' (depending on where you're coming from)

You may be asked to sign in to your Zoom account once more.

3. Authorize the Remo App for Zoom by clicking 'Authorize'

4. Once successfully connected, you should see a screen prompting you to open your Zoom app. Click 'Open' to return to your Zoom meeting or continue setting up your meeting.

Please refer here for frequently asked troubleshooting questions

Setting up your Zoom Meeting

The following section is only relevant for the meeting owner

1. Open your Zoom desktop app and click 'Schedule' to create your future Zoom meeting 2. Fill in all the details for your Zoom meeting and click 'Save'

For the best experience, select 'Generate Automatically' for the Meeting ID

3. Once saved, you'll be able to see your upcoming meeting along with its meeting ID as shown below:

4. Keep a note of the Meeting ID from here (you'll need this for the next step – to connect your Zoom meeting to a Remo event!)

Connecting your Remo Event to your Zoom Meeting

The following section is only relevant for the meeting owner. 

Before continuing, please make sure you have your Zoom Meeting ID ready and copied (you will need this to connect your Zoom Meeting to your Remo Event).

1. Log into your Remo account

2. From your My Events dashboard, click the 'Create Event' button. Make sure you select 'Remo Zoom Event' when asked.

3. Paste the Zoom Meeting ID for your upcoming Zoom meeting. Click 'Continue'

If you don't have a Zoom Meeting ID yet, please refer to the section above!

4. Continue creating your Remo event as you would normally by inputting all your relevant event details.

Make sure to browse through our available floorplans and select the one best suited for your upcoming meeting!

Please note, the following event details are not currently supported when creating a Remo event for Zoom:
- Private Events
- Event Image
- Guest & Speaker Invitation & Reminder emails
- Lobby
- Assign Tables
- Presentation Mode & related features
- Sponsor Banners
- Video Billboard
- Greater than 50 tables

5. Click 'Publish Event' once you're ready to create your event

6. Once successfully created, you should see a pop-up in the center of your screen, click the 'Launch Zoom' button

7. Back in your Zoom meeting, click 'Apps', you should see Remo listed under My Apps. Click on Remo to open it.

This should open the Remo App and begin to automatically load the Remo event you connected!

If your Remo event is not loading automatically, click the 'I've created my Remo event'

8. Once connected, Remo & Zoom will work to create your required breakout rooms (each table in your Remo event corresponds to one breakout room in Zoom). After which, you will land directly in the Remo event within your Zoom meeting!

Inviting others to use the Remo App

The following section is relevant to only the meeting owner for when they would like to invite other participants to also open Remo within their Zoom meeting 

As the meeting owner, when you want all your participants to move into breakout rooms (and use the Remo App with you), you can invite them to do so:

1. Click the 'Invite' button on the top right corner of the Remo App

2. Select 'All Participants' > 'Invite' (if you would only like to invite specific users to use the app, you can select their specific names from the list)

To invite all participants to join you, please make sure you are in the Main Session of your Zoom meeting first (and not in a breakout room already).

If you are in a breakout room, you can navigate back to Zoom's main session by clicking 'Leave Breakout Room'

3. The guests you invite will receive a pop-up in the upper right corner of their screen (as well as a chat message) asking them to 'Open' the Remo App, as shown below

If a guest has already added the Remo app to their Zoom account, when they click 'Open', it will open the Remo app directly and send them straight into a breakout room.

If a guest has not added the Remo app to their Zoom account, when they click 'Open', they will first be prompted to add the Remo app, and after doing so it will open the Remo app directly and send them straight into a breakout room.

Moving between breakout rooms

The following section is relevant to all users (meeting owners and participants) when they want to move to another breakout room

One of the best parts of using the Remo & Zoom integration is that participants have an easy way to freely move between breakout rooms.

There are two ways of doing this:

On the event space, double-click on a table with an empty space to move there

As the meeting owner, if you want all your guests to return to the Main Session, you can close breakout rooms by clicking 'Breakout Rooms' > 'Close All Rooms' on Zoom.

If you wish to reopen breakout sessions, you can easily re-open the Remo App (this will automatically open breakout rooms again, from there you can once again invite your participants to open the Remo app and join a breakout room)

Additional features for meeting owners and participants

The following section is relevant for both meeting owners and participants

In addition to all the Zoom functionality, you can now also leverage Remo's Conversation Mode features when using the Remo & Zoom integration.

Features including:

For the meeting owner specifically, you can also access the following additional host-only features as well:

For more information on specific functionality within Remo, please refer to our knowledge base here

Please note, the following features are not available with this integration yet: 
- Assign Tables
- Locked Tables
- Share Screen (You can still use Zoom to share your screen)
- Whiteboard (You can still use Zoom's whiteboard within your breakout room)
- Presentation Mode (and it's related features)
- Lobby (and it's related features)
- Green Room (private table for just speakers and event hosts)
- Simultaneous Events & Event Directory
- Content Pop-up
- Sponsor Banners
- Shuffle Guests

Uninstalling the Remo App for Zoom

The following section is relevant to all users (meeting owners and participants) if they wish to uninstall the Remo App from their Zoom Account

1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

2. Click 'Manage' > 'Installed Apps' or search for 'Remo'

3. Click 'Remo'

4. Click 'Remove'

Troubleshooting FAQ

Adding the Remo App:

  • I don't have an 'Apps' button in my Zoom client, how can I install the app?

This may mean your account does not have Zoom Apps enabled just yet - you can follow Zoom's instructions here depending on what type of account you have and who you would like to enable this functionality for.

  • I don't see the option to 'Add' or 'Visit site to add' when searching for Remo on the Zoom Marketplace

Instead of being able to add or install the app directly to your Zoom account, you may see the 'Request to pre-approve' button instead. All this means is that your account admin needs to first pre-approve the app you would like to add. Clicking this button should inform your Account Admin of the same and give them the chance to approve this, after which you will be able to add the app.

Connecting my Zoom meeting to a Remo event

  • I've clicked the "I've created my event" button within Zoom but it's just loading and nothing is happening.

Firstly, make sure the Remo event was created (you can do this by checking whether you can find the related event card on your My Events page.

If the event has been created successfully, and you are still facing the issue, please click the More button in Zoom > Refresh app

Contacting Support

For any questions and/or feedback, you can always reach out to our Product Support team by emailing us directly at

To browse our other help articles, you can also access our knowledge base here: