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Event Managers & Assistants
Account Owners

Welcome to the magical world of Remo ✨

Ready to get started? 

Here's how you sign up for a Remo Account:

If you've already got a Remo Guest Account (you've attended an event on Remo before), please follow these instructions instead:
1. Log in to your account here
2. Click the menu button (3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner of your screen)
3. Click 'Be a Host' (don't worry we're not collecting any payment at this point, you'll be assigned to our free plan automatically so you can try out Remo first)
4. Skip to Step 4 in this article

1.  Head on over to and click 'Start a Free Plan

2. Fill in the information to sign up for our free plan, and click 'Next Step'

3. Next, you'll be asked to create your account. It's really simple to set up, just enter your name, email (please make sure to use the same email address entered in the previous step), create a password, and click 'Sign Up'

By creating an account, you confirm that you agree with our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

4. Write down your Company Name and if you want you can add your company logo as well. Remember to click 'Save and Continue' once you're done

Ta-da! You're officially in. Get ready to create some truly interactive online events that your guests can't stop raving about

But that's not all... Now you've got 3 options in front of you... 

So how do you feel?

A)  You're so excited that you just want to jump straight into Remo and see how it works

B)  You've got an awesome event idea in mind and you're ready to start creating it

C)  You're glad you signed up for Remo, but you're not quite ready to create your first event just yet

Option A

We're so excited you're here too! Just click the option 'Jump right into a Pre-Configured Event', you'll be taken directly to an event we've created for you so you can see how it looks and feel.

And not to worry, you can still customize the details of this event to fit your needs by clicking the 3 horizontal lines in the top left of the screen and then 'Event Settings'. From here you can select the different tabs on the left hand side and fill in the details as you wish. Once you're done just head over to the 'Summary' tab and click 'Save and Publish Event'

Option B

That's great! Just click the 'Create a Fully Customized Event' option, and begin filling in all the details of your event as your heart desires. You can check out this article for how to create your first event if you want. When you're done make sure you save your changes in the 'Summary' tab.

Option C

Don't worry, that's perfectly fine as well. You can read up on a few articles or watch some of our tutorial videos to learn a bit more about how to use Remo, or of course feel free to message us by clicking the 'Need Help' icon in the lower left corner of your screen. For now though, just click the button 'Skip to Dashboard'.


Either way, we're extremely excited to have you on board and wish you all the success with your events!

To learn how to upgrade to one of our paid plans for additional functionality and features, check out this article

To get advice and answers to questions you have for your specific situation, join us inside the Remo Revolution Community