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Event Managers & Assistants*
Account Owners
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You have now started your journey hosting immersive online events, how exciting!

Just follow these instructions and you'll be well on your way to an awesome event on Remo ✨

1. Register for a Remo account or log in to your Remo account here

2. Click the 'Create Event' button in the upper left-hand corner

If this is your first event created, you'll be automatically directed to create your event, so you can skip this step

3. This is your Event Settings (where you can set up and customize your event). First up are Basic Settings - enter the following details for your event:

  • Event Status: Indicate whether this is a public or private event (check out this article for the difference between public and private events)

  • Event title: Enter a name for your event

  • Start and End Time:
    Select a start and end time for your event (this is in your current timezone)*

  • Event Image: Pick an image for your event landing page (you can add a GIF here as well for some movement!)

  • Floor Plan: The best part – select a floor plan to help you craft the ideal experience for your guests. You can select from our default "Remo Floor Plans" -or-create your own "Custom Floor Plan" (learn more about custom floor plans here)

  • Expected Attendance:
    Enter the number of expected attendees you plan to have (this also controls how many floors your event space will have)**

*Please remember, your maximum event length is determined by your Remo plan. If you require more time at your event, please get in touch with our Sales Team!

**The Expected Attendance number cannot be changed once the event starts, so please remember to add some buffer. Your maximum expected attendance is also determined by your Remo plan. If you require more attendees, please get in touch with our Sales Team!

The number of floors in your event is controlled by both your inputted expected attendance and the floor plan you've selected.

4. Next, click on the "Invitations" tab to invite guests and speakers to your event:

  • Invite your Speakers: Enter the email addresses of your speakers here to invite them

  • Invite your Guests: Enter the email addresses of your guests to add them to the guest list
    (This step is optional for public events; required for private events)

  • Enable Invitation Emails: Select whether you want to keep Remo's automated invite emails or send your own

  • Enable Reminder Emails: Select whether you want to keep Remo's automated reminder emails on or not

5. That's it! You can click on "Save and Publish Event" to publish your event ✨

Alternatively, you can take your event a step further by customizing it even more! Click on the "Advanced" tab to access our additional event settings. 

Don't worry, we'll take you through each section and what you need to know below!

Advanced Event Settings – everything you need to know:

(If you're interested in a specific section, use the headings below to jump to that section's information right away)

Event DetailsA. Event Tagline: Enter a line that summarizes your event concisely (this will only appear if you use the Event Directory)

B. Event Page Description: Give your guests a taste of what they will be experiencing within your event. For some creative ideas, check out this article

C. Remo Discovery: Decide whether to showcase your event within Remo's Event Discovery section located on everyone's My Events dashboard (this option is not available for private events, as private events cannot be listed in the Event Discovery section)

D. Event Type: Let us know what type of event you're hosting (so we can recommend some best practices specific to your event!)

E. Event Outcome: Let us know your event's goal (so we can recommend some actions to take to help you achieve this!)

Lobby & Welcome

A. Enable Lobby: When enabled, the lobby allows you, as the host, to control which guests enter and when. For more information on how the lobby works, please check out this article here

B. Lobby Message: Enter a customized text message your guests see while waiting in the lobby

C. Enable Welcome Message: When enabled, the welcome message is a special pop up shown to guests when they first enter your event (it can be an onboarding tip, a special announcement, or simply a "Welcome to the event!" message). For more information, check out this article

D. Welcome Message: Enter the message shown to guests when they first enter your event here

E. Welcome Message Media: You can also include a picture or video with your welcome message by uploading/linking it here

Floor Content

Got some content to display at your event – like a video, a donation platform, an online game? Whatever the case, our Content Banners feature lets you display the content you want, in the way you want AND where you want it.

Just click "Add Content" to begin!

Check out this article for more information on how to create and use Content Banners

You can add floor content after saving and publishing your event first

Feature Toggles

You can easily enable or disable the following features depending on how you plan to run your event:

A. Screenshare: Select whether you want to share your screen so that other people can see what you see! (If you want to show an awesome webpage or you’ve prepared a brilliant cutting-edge presentation deck, sharing your screen is the easiest way to show that off - check out this article for more information.)

B. Audience View: Select whether you want to enable Audience View for your event (Audience View allows you to see the avatars of everyone in the audience while in Presentation Mode – check out this article for more information)

C. Remoji Reactions: Select whether you want to enable Reactions in Presentation Mode for your event (this gives your presenters a way to gauge real-time reactions – check out this article for more information)

D. Q&A: Select whether you want to enable Q&A module for your event (this is a dedicated tab where guests can submit their questions and upvote each others' questions – check out this article for more information)

E. Chat: Select whether to enable Chat for your event (this controls whether your guests have access to send messages through General, Table, and Private chat – check out this article for more information)

F. Whiteboard: Select whether to enable the Whiteboard for your event (check out this article for more information)

G. Guest Experience Survey: Select whether to enable the Guest Experience Survey for your event (this is a one question survey for guests to give their feedback – check out this article for how it works!)

H. Display User ID on Profile Card: Select whether you wish to display user ID on profile card (displays the user ID when you click on the avatar)

I: Allow overflow seating: Select whether you wish to enable or disable table overflow option. You have the flexibility to enable or disable table overflow at any time during the event using the toggle within the event settings.  (check out this article for more information)

Event Agenda

You can set up an event agenda so guests can see exactly what's going to happen during an event. 

To get started, just click "Add New Item".

For more information on setting up your agenda, please check out this article!

You can add an event agenda after saving and publishing your event first

Assign Tables

Have some VIP guests? Or, a cleverly mapped-out seating chart for your event? 

Using our Assign Tables feature allows you to pre-assign a table for a specific guest to enter when joining the event. Just select a floor and click "Manage" to begin assigning!

Learn more on how to use this feature here 

You can assign guests to a table after saving and publishing your event first

Post Event

After your event has ended, you can find a treasure trove of information about your event in the post-event tab:

A. Guest Experience Average Rating: View your guest's average rating of your event in real time! (Only displayed if the Guest Experience Survey feature is enabled and at least one guest rating has been received)

B. View Event Analytics: You can check our full suite of event analytics after your event – including % of users with mic/cam on, how long guests stayed in your event, and average connections made per guest (please check out  this article for more information on our event analytics available)

C. Export Guest List: Export your full guest list complete with guests' name, email, login time, logout time and time spent in your event.

D. Export Questions: Download a list of submitted questions from your guests in the Q&A panel

E. Download Presentation Recordings: If you've recorded your Presentation, you can find the recording here for download! (Learn more about it here)

And that's it! ✨

Feel free to explore Remo's Help Centre further for more information on what you can do with events on Remo. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send us a message at