Relevant to:
Event Managers & Assistants
Account Owners

There are a number of ways to promote and market your event on Remo.  

We have put together a checklist to help get you started. 

Marketing Campaign

1. Marketing emails

Start an email campaign 3 weeks before your event, with each email building onto the next leading up to your event

Here's a Sample Email Schedule:

  • 21 days before your event
  • 17 days before your event
  • 14 days before your event
  • 10 days before your event
  • 7 days before your event
  • 5 days before your event
  • 3 days before your event
  • 1 day before your event
  • 1 hr before your event
  • 1 day after your event

Please note, Remo only sends reminder emails 7 days, 3 days, and 15 minutes before the event. So, if you would like to follow the above schedule, you can use a third-party email software to send these out according to your own schedule and content.


2. Social Media

  • Post on social media up to 21 days before your event 
  • For each social media platform, post a minimum of 6-10 times before your event
  • Use images that look good
  • If you use videos, remember to add captions 


Here's a Sample Marketing Message:

"I am hosting [event name] for [target market] to learn [enter 1-2 key learnings] on [date and time]. Join us! Register here [link]"


3. Also Try

  • Creating and sharing a physical flyer 
  • Promotions with speakers, e.g. offering a discounted ticket 
  • Create a 1 minute video from each speaker dripped out through email and social shares
  • Do FB (BeLiveTV) and IG live streams and invite each speaker to promote the event and their talk.