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With the Zapier Integration you can smoothen out the invitation process for you and your guests...

With a Zap from any third-party landing page (that is currently available in Zapier) you can send your guests' registration info directly into Remo!

Please note, even with the Zapier Integration, guests will still need to register and create an account with Remo on the Remo Landing Page (please check out this article for more information)

In order to use the Zapier Integration to Remo, you'll need a few things set up before you begin:

  • Zapier Account
  • Remo Event set up
  • Landing Page or Registration Form in a third-party application (such as Eventbrite, LeadPages or Google Forms) set up
  • Access to Remo's Zapier Integration (please contact our Sales Team for more information)

Once you have all three of these ready to go, you can follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your Zapier account

2. Click 'Make a Zap' in the upper left corner of the screen

3. Choose your Trigger Application and Event. This is the application you would like to have your guests register on. Common examples include Eventbrite, LeadPages, Google Forms

4. Press 'Continue'

5. Choose your Account for the Trigger Application by clicking the 'Sign in to [Trigger Application Name]' button. You'll then be redirected to the application's sign in page, just log in as you normally would, and your account will then be linked! Then press 'Continue'

If you've already connected this application to your Zapier account, you can just select your Trigger Application account from the dropdown menu

6. Now you can choose the Event you've already set up in this third-party application. Then press 'Continue'

Please note, the fields you see in this section will vary depending on the Trigger Application you selected in Step 3, so do not be alarmed if the fields you see in the picture below do not match what you see when setting up your Zap

7. Press 'Test trigger' to test if the trigger event is working correctly and collects your guests' registration information. By testing the trigger, Zapier will automatically pull the data of the latest registration for your event through that third party application (Trigger Application)

If you haven't received any registrations on your landing page/ registration form yet, you can just fill it in with a dummy registration yourself to test the trigger here

8. Zapier will then display the registration information of the latest registration. If your trigger is good to go, then press 'Continue'

9. Now you can determine the Action Application and Event. Select 'Remo Conference' as the Action Application, and 'Register New Attendee' as the Action Event. Then press 'Continue'

10. Click the 'Sign in to Remo Conference' button. 

If you've already connected Remo to your Zapier account, you can just select your Remo Account from the dropdown menu and skip to Step 15

11. You'll then need to find your Zapier API key. You can do this by clicking the menu button (3 parallel horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of your My Events Page in Remo.

You must be the Account Owner to be able to access the Zapier API key. If you are not, please contact your Account Owner and ask them to give it to you.

12. Select 'Account Settings', and then click 'Third-party Integration'

13. Click the 'Generate' button next to the Zapier App Token, and then press 'Copy' to copy that token onto your clipboard

14. Back in your Zapier page, paste the App Token you've just copied in the box provided and click 'Yes, Continue'. Now you should see your Remo Conference account in the Zap you're creating now. Then press 'Continue'.

15. Under Specific Event, select the Remo Event you would like to register your guests for

16. Under EmailId, select the email field from the dropdown list. The list will show all of the fields you've added that guests need to fill out when they register on your third-party application (Trigger Application). However, in order to register guests for your Remo Event, their email address is the required information, so please select the field where guests fill in their email address. Then press 'Continue'.

17. Now you should see the Remo Event Name you'd like to register your guests for, as well as the email of the guest when you tested your trigger in Step 7. Press 'Test & Continue'

18. If the Zap was successful you should see a message saying "A Test attendee was sent to Remo Conference just now."

19. To check this, you can also go to your Event Settings in Remo Conference (find the event on your My Events Page, and select the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the event card)

20. Select the 'Invitations' tab, and then 'Guests', and you should be able to see the email of guest that was just added as part of your test

21. If everything looks good to you, you can now click the 'Turn on Zap' button in your Zapier page to officially start sending all guests that register on your third-party application straight into your Remo event's guest list!

Please note, there may be a slight delay between the time a guest registers on your third-party application, and when that registration shows up in your Remo Event

Make sure you send your guests an invitation email with the link to your Remo Event!