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Clapping your hands in celebration of a speaker or moment ?? Laughing so hard at a joke mentioned at your table ?? Pounding your desk in agreement during the event ?? 


Well... now you can! With Reactions!!!


Reactions are your way to interact with others in real time WITHOUT unmuting yourself.

So, let's show you how Reactions work in both Conversation and Presentation Mode:

Please note, reactions in both Conversation and Presentation Mode are currently only available on desktop devices

Reactions in Presentation Mode:

Reactions in Presentation Mode are a great way for a presenter to get a sense of how their audience is feeling about their presentation in real-time.

There are 3 Reactions currently available in Presentation Mode:

1. To react, simply click on the Reaction you'd like to react with. These are all displayed on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen

2. The Reaction will then float up on the right-hand side of your screen (along with any other reactions from the audience)

Reactions in Presentation Mode are turned on by default. If you need to turn them off, you can do so in your Event Settings > Advanced > Features > "Show Remoji Reactions". Remember to save your changes to the event!

Reactions in Conversation Mode:

Now, you can also use Reactions in Conversation Mode to express your feelings on tables!

There are 6 Reactions currently available in Conversation Mode:

1. To react, simply click on the "Reactions" option on your bottom toolbar and select the Reaction you'd like to react with.

2. The Reaction will then appear on your video tile, so others at your table can see your reaction, AND appear above your avatar, so others in the event can see your reaction.

Your video tile at the top will show the Reaction. Above your avatar, you can see the reaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I turn on Reactions?

Reactions are turned on by default for all events created. 

However, if you wish to turn these off for Presentation Mode, you can do so through your Event Settings > Advanced > Feature Toggles. 

Reactions in Conversation Mode cannot be turned off currently.

  • Can I select my own emojis for Reactions?

Currently, you can’t select your own emojis.

  • Are Reactions available when using a Mobile Device?

At the moment, Remoji’s are only available when using a laptop, desktop, or computer device. It is not available on a mobile or tablet device for both Conversation and Presentation Mode.