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Looking to power up your Remo plan with engagement-boosting add-ons?

You’ve come to the right place! 

In this article, you’ll find what the available add-ons are, as well as how you can add these to your plan:

What are the available add-ons?

Here is a list of all available add-ons to your plan:

Extra Team Member and Simultaneous EventAdds an additional event manager AND simultaneous event to your Remo accountAdd in-app (refer to next section)
Additional Content BannerAdds an additional content banner to your plan's current limitAdd in-app (refer to next section)
Closed Captions in Presentation ModeAdds the ability for users to enable live closed captioning in Presentation Mode (please refer here for more information on closed captions) - available in English onlyAdd in-app (refer to next section)
Custom SSOAdds the ability to set up your very own SSO login option for guests joining your events (please refer here for more information on setting up a Custom SSO)Add in-app (refer to next section)
Custom Floor PlanUpload a Custom Floor Plan designed by you or one of our exclusive floor plan designersContact Support
Dedicated Onboarding (for 1-2 participants)Dedicated strategy session with our Customer Success Team to provide support and guidance for event successContact Support
Group TrainingHave a Remo expert train your team on how to use Remo (can be a mix of Event Hosts and Speakers)Contact Support
Event ConsultationA Remo Expert will guide you through all the steps – starting from event creation through to event execution (suitable for large, enterprise-level, or elaborate events)Contact Support
Event SupportTo request event support, please provide your event details in this form. If you’re looking for more information about this service, check out this article.Contact Support

For the latest prices of each of these add-ons, please refer to our pricing page here

How to add an add-on to your plan?

Please note, these add-ons will be added to your account upon next renewal. If you would like immediate use of these add-ons, please contact our Support team and we can add these for you right away!

1. Go to the 'Plan & billing' page within your Account Settings, and click 'Edit Subscription'

Only Account Owners can access the Plan & Billing page

2. Click on your current subscription and once again click 'Edit Subscription'

3. Click 'Add Addons'

4. Select as many add-ons you'd like to add, and click 'Add'

For some add-ons, you'll also be able to choose the quantity from the dropdown provided (e.g. team member/simultaneous events, content banners)

5. Once you're ready click 'Update Subscription'

6. Your add-ons will be added to your plan upon their next renewal

If you need your add-ons added to your account immediately, please contact our Support team for help.