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Looking to boost attendance or revenue for your upcoming event? Look no further!

With Remo's new ticket management solution, you can create free or paid tickets, manage your event entry, and much more. 

Best of all – Remo's ticketing solution is available for all Remo customers on any of our paid plans (at no additional cost!) ✨

Let's get started with how you can create tickets on Remo for your next event.

Remember, with a ticketed event, only guests with a valid ticket can enter your event.

Requesting Ticketing Access

Before you can start creating tickets on Remo, there is a small one-time setup process to get your account ready for ticketing.

In order to start creating tickets, please fill out this form with the required information:

  • Your Remo Email Address
  • Your Preferred Timezone
  • Default Currency (as per your Stripe account)
  • Stripe Account Name*
*To collect payments for your paid tickets directly, we will need to connect your Stripe account to our system. 

To do this, please invite as a developer to your Stripe account - this will only be used to set up the integration and connect Eventcube, our ticketing processing partner, to your account

Please allow up to 72 hours to set up ticketing for your account

That's it! Once your account is ready to go, we'll send you an email to let you know!

Creating Tickets

1. Find the event you'd like to create tickets for in your My Events dashboard

Tickets can only be created on published events. If you don't have a created event already, go ahead and create and publish an event first

Please note, tickets can only be created for upcoming events.

2. Click the pencil icon on your event card to enter your Event Settings

3. Click on the "Ticketing" tab on the left-hand side of your screen

4. Click on "Add Ticket"

If you have already been notified that your account is set up for ticketing but are still seeing "Request Ticketing Access", please try a hard refresh (CTRL+SHIFT+R on Windows or CMD+SHIFT+R on Mac). If the issue persists, please contact our Support Team.

5. Enter the following details for your ticket:

A. Ticket Name: Enter a name for your ticket (e.g. Early Bird, General Admission)

B. Quantity: The total number of these tickets you'd like available

C. Ticket Price: Choose between a free or paid ticket. For a paid ticket, you can enter your desired ticket price here as well - please see the section below for a detailed breakdown of the ticket fees.

Please take note of the currency - this will be set to the currency you indicated during the initial ticketing setup. If you would like to change your currency, please contact Remo Support team.

D. Ticket Description (Optional): Enter a description for your ticket if you'd like to provide attendees with additional information6. Once you've entered all the details of your ticket, click "Save Ticket"

Once created, tickets will immediately be for sale on your event landing page

7. You should be able to see your created ticket listed on the Ticketing tab here as well. This is also where you can see the status of your ticket:

  • Active: Currently on sale
  • Sold Out: Ticket sales have reached your set quantity
  • Inactive: Tickets are no longer being sold (this happens once the event starts)

You can also see at a glance your ticket price and the current quantity of tickets sold.

8. If you would like to edit or delete your tickets you can do so by clicking the pencil icon or trash icon respectively. For more details on updating or deleting tickets, please see the section below

9. You can also add more ticket tiers by clicking "Add Ticket" and repeating steps 5-6 above

Ticketing Fees

A quick note on ticketing fees – with Remo tickets, there are two fees to consider when setting your ticket price:

  • Remo Fee: 2% of the transaction total + USD$0.99 per ticket*
  • Stripe Processing Fee: The Stripe fee is dependent on your Stripe account/plan – they can vary based on your region, currency, or other factors. So, we recommend checking your Stripe account for the actual fee you can expect.
*Just for our hosts, we are waiving the 2% transaction fee for the first 12 months of ticketing to provide an affordable ticketing solution for your events. So, until the end of April 2025, the Remo fee will just be a flat fee of USD$0.99 per ticket ✨

As the event organizer, your payout per ticket will be: Your Set Ticket Price - (Remo Fee + Stripe Fee).

Both the Remo and Stripe fee will be deducted automatically at the time of sale, so your payout will be delivered directly to your Stripe account for hassle-free revenue reporting.

Free tickets on Remo are free to create! There are no hidden or extra charges

Updating or Deleting Tickets

If you need to update an event ticket's details, you can do so by clicking the pencil icon next to the ticket tier you wish to update. This will open the same ticket details pop-up where you can change any of the information you'd like to change.

Please note, any updates will only affect new sales of this ticket

If you wish to delete a ticket, you can do so by clicking the trash icon next to the tier you wish to delete.

Please note, you cannot delete a ticket if at least 1 ticket of that type has been sold.

You can only update or delete a ticket when an event is upcoming. Once an event has started, your ticket will become inactive and you will no longer be able to update or delete the ticket.

Preview Tickets

Now that you've got your tickets set up, you can register for your event as a guest to preview what the checkout flow looks like:

1. Open your event landing page (the same as your event link) in another browser or an incognito browser

2. Click "Get Tickets"

3. Log in or create a new account using a different email address (this way you'll register as a guest)

Managing Event Entry

With a ticketed event, all guests must have a valid ticket in order to join your event. Only Registered Speakers and Event Hosts (Account Owners, Event Managers, and Event Assistants) can join the event without needing a ticket.

You can create tickets for both Public and Private events on Remo:

All users must purchase and register for the event in advance. Once an event goes live, tickets can no longer be purchased by guests.

As the event organizer, you will be able to keep track of who has successfully registered for your event in your Guest List. Just go into your Event Settings, click "Invitations" and scroll down the "Guest List" section. Here, you'll be able to see a list of all the users you've invited and/or who have registered. Those users who have successfully purchased a ticket will have a "Yes" under the Registered column.

Please note, guests also must use the same email address to join the event as they used to place their ticket order. Otherwise, they may face issues when joining. If a guest has forgotten which email they used, you can either check your Guest List or contact Remo's Support Team for assistance locating the specific email address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How many tickets can I create for my event?

You can create as many ticket types as you'd like! On average, events usually have between 1-2 different types of tickets per event though.

  • Why can't I create tickets?

If you are seeing a "Get Ticketing Access" button on the ticketing tab, this means your account is not yet set up for ticketing. Please refer to the section above Requesting Ticketing Access for instructions on how to get this set up.

If you are seeing a disabled "Add Tickets" button on the ticketing tab, this could be for one of two reasons:

  1. Your event is not yet published: Tickets can only be created when editing an event – just click "Publish Event" in the upper right corner, find your created event in your dashboard and click the pencil icon.
  2. Your event has already started: Tickets can only be created for upcoming events – if your event is not actually live, just adjust your event timings to start at the actual planned event start time in Basic Settings. If your event is actually live, unfortunately, you will not be able to create tickets at this time.

  • How can I change my ticket currency? Will this affect the currency attendees pay in?

Please contact Remo Support Team ( to change your default currency. This is used to display the ticket price to attendees during event registration and will be the currency you can expect your payouts to be in. Attendees, on the other hand, will pay in the currency their card uses. If this is different to your default currency, Stripe will convert the amount first and then send it to your account directly.

  • If my tickets get sold out, can I increase ticket quantity? How will I know if my tickets are sold out?

You can check your ticket status by going into your Event Settings > Ticketing. If a ticket type has been sold out, the status will change to "Sold Out". 

If you would like to increase ticket quantity, you can do by clicking the pencil icon next to the ticket type and increasing the ticket quantity to your new desired amount.

Alternatively, you can create another ticket altogether for guests to purchase.

  • How can I stop sales of a ticket?

If you would like to stop sales of a given ticket, you can simply adjust the quantity down to the amount of tickets that have already been sold. For example, if 10 "General Admission" tickets have been sold to date, you can adjust the ticket quantity for the "General Admission" tickets to 10. This will force the ticket type to be sold out and prevent any new users from selecting that ticket. If no orders have been placed for that ticket yet, you can simply delete it instead.

  • Can I issue ticket refunds?

This up to you if you would like to issue a refund to a guest on their ticket purchase. If you choose to do so, you can do this directly through your Stripe account (for help getting the specific transaction ID, please feel free to reach out to Remo's Support Team for assistance). Please note though, that the fees (Remo fee + Stripe fee) are non-refundable.

  • Can I see a list of all orders placed?

If you'd like to export a list of all ticket orders to date, please contact the Remo Support Team for assistance. If you'd just like to see who is registered for your event, you can check your Guest List in Event Settings > Invitations > Guest List (any guest that has successfully gotten a ticket and registered for your event will be listed there).

  • Do all attendees need tickets to join an event?

Yes, if you have created at least 1 ticket for your event, that means only guests who have registered and gotten a ticket in advance will be able to join. This applies to both Public and Private events. Only speakers and Event Hosts (Account Owner, Event Manager, and Event Assistant) can join an event without needing a ticket.

  • I have VIP's for my event, I don't want them to have to purchase a ticket, how can I let them join?

At the moment, Remo does not support bypassing ticket selection for certain guests. A few alternatives could be to invite them as a speaker or event assistant for your event (this will automatically skip ticket purchase), or you can create a free VIP ticket first and only send your event link to VIP guests first, once VIP guests have all registered successfully, you can then adjust the quantity of your VIP free tickets to sold out and open registration for all other guests.

  • I have a guest who can't join, and my event is live - what can I do?

If the guest has not purchased a ticket in advance, the only way to bypass needing a ticket for event entry is to invite them as a speaker.

If the guest has purchased a ticket but is having trouble joining, please inform them to contact Remo's Support Team for further troubleshooting assistance.

If the event is still upcoming, please inform the guest to try purchasing a ticket - if they face issues, please contact Remo's Support Team for troubleshooting assistance.