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Customizing the Quit Event Survey is a feature available on only some Remo Plans. Please take a look at our pricing page for more information.

Following an event, you may want to ask your guests about their experience at the event and any feedback for improvement. Follow the steps below to create and share your survey:

You can create a survey using the tool of your choice and then input this survey link as the exit page. Commonly-used survey tools include Google Forms, Paperform, and Typeform

Creating a Google Form: (If you have already created a form, skip ahead to the section below on adding your survey to Remo)

1. Go to, and login using your gmail email address and password

2. In the upper left hand corner of the screen, press 'New'. Then, select 'More' and then 'Google Forms'

3. You can create a survey from scratch or use an existing template (either from your device or the general templates). If you want to use an existing template, click on the arrow next to the 'Google Forms' button and select 'From a Template'

4. Add a survey title by clicking on the text field at the top of the screen. You can also add a brief description of the survey in the text box immediately underneath

5. Now, it is time to add questions. There are two ways to do this: a) Import questions you've used previously in other forms, or b) Add questions from scratch

a) Importing Questions: Click on the first box labelled 'Untitled Question', and select 'Import questions' from the menu on the right. Click on the relevant form and select the questions you'd like to import. Then click the 'Import questions' button at the bottom. The imported questions should now appear on your new survey.

b) Adding Questions from Scratch: Click on the first box labelled 'Untitled Question', and type in your question in the box provided.You can change the question type by clicking on the menu box on the top right corner of the question box. If the question type requires your guest to choose from multiple options, you can type in the various options by clicking the text "Option 1" and typing in your choice or click the 'Add Option' button to add another choice. 

6. To delete a question, click on the 'remove' icon at the bottom right of the question. To make a question required, toggle the option for 'Required' in the bottom right of the question box.

7. To add another question, click the 'plus sign' button, labeled 'Add question', at the top of the menu bar on the right.

8. To change who has access to your survey, click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of your screen. The Settings page appears. Under 'Requires sign in,' uncheck the box labeled, 'Restrict to users in [your domain] and its trusted organizations.'

9. Once you have finished your form, click the 'Send' button in the top right corner of your screen. Then click the link icon next to 'Send via.' You'll now see the link to your survey (which you can shorten first) or directly copy it

Adding your Survey to Remo:

1. Log into your Remo Account

2. Click the menu button (3 parallel horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the screen

3. Select 'Settings'

4. Scroll down until you see the section 'Custom exit page URL,' paste your survey link here and then click 'Save' to finalize your settings

Now all your guests will be sent to your survey when they leave your event ✨