You were invited to be a speaker!? ✨

That's great! Let's get you set up!

Before the Event

1. Wait for your invitation!

Check your spam if you haven't received an invitation to the event yet

2. Accept the invitation and follow the link to the event 

3. If you aren't logged in already, we will remind you to do so (please log in using the email you were invited with)

TIP: As a speaker, you're also able to enter the event space early! Just click the 'Speaker Login' button

If you don't have an account, press Join event now! or Save your spot and enter your email (The email that received the Speaker invitation, otherwise you'll register as a guest). If it's a gmail account, you can press 'Sign in with Google'

Cheers! ✨

✨ You created your account and you're ready to go! ✨

During the Event

Your avatar is distinguished with a microphone, so other guests can easily identify you. See the difference between the main host, a guest and a speaker here

Now just wait for the host or event manager to start presentation mode, and then have fun speaking!

The difference between a speaker and a guest on stage is that speakers are invited before the event starts, while guests on stage are invited during the presentation itself

Speakers don't have the right to do announcements or use the timer