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You’re designing a custom floor plan?

That’s awesome! ✨   

We love seeing how creative you can get.

Here are some of the programs we’ve found that are easy to use when customizing a floor plan:

1.  Illustrator

Good old Adobe Illustrator. This application is a go-to when it comes to designing your own floor plan for Remo, because it provides endless possibilities. The functionalities on Illustrator are known to give its users full flexibility to design what they want and how they want. However, it can be a little daunting or hard to use for first-time users. That being said, given its huge popularity, there are numerous online tutorials to help you learn how to design using Illustrator.

Available for both Mac and Windows, Illustrator is great option to get started with (especially with their 7 day free trial…). It is a separate application though, so it will need to be installed on your computer. It also does require payment every month after your trial period ends. 

You can find more information about Adobe Illustrator here

2.  Sketch

Sketch is a vector graphics editor that is used for digital design only. One of the best things about using Sketch is their community - they’ve got a ton of users you can ask advice from, or even pull plugins or components from, to get a jump-start on your floor plan. Not to mention, this tool is definitely the cheaper of the options above without sacrificing much of the design possibilities. Sketch actually offers a 30 day free trial as well as 2 relatively affordable payment options - for individuals (one-time payment) and for teams (monthly or yearly subscription).

On the other hand though, Sketch doesn’t seem able to handle files as smoothly as Adobe can, which can result in a few lags here and there. You may also need to use plugins for some of the design tools available on Sketch. The biggest drawback with Sketch though is that it is only available for Mac users - unfortunately they do not have a Windows/PC version available. 

Other than that though, it's a great application we can recommend to customize your floor plan!

For more insight into Sketch, check out their website here

We have noticed some issues when customers use Figma, Inkscape and/or Adobe Photoshop to create their Custom Floor Plans, so please avoid these two applications for this purpose.

Of course there are other software options available to you, so if you find one you love when creating your awesome floor plans be sure to let us know

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! ✨