Relevant to:
Event Managers & Assistants
Account Owners

Doing a presentation has never been easier! ✨

1. After joining your event, press 'Present' in your bottom menu toolbar

2. You can choose to start the presentation now or after 30 seconds. You can also have a few options about how your presentation will start:

  • Whether you want your camera and microphone turned on immediately once Presentation Mode starts (for a quick entrance to stage)
  • Whether you want the recording to be turned on immediately once Presentation Mode starts (for smooth recording)
  • Whether you want to start streaming out to Youtube (click here for more information on streaming your presentation out). 

Guests can't stay in the floor during a presentation. They will automatically be taken into Presentation Mode as well, so we recommend starting a presentation after 30 seconds to give guests a little time to finish off their conversations

3. Ta-da! Now you're in Presentation Mode. Have a good presentation!

4. If you'd like to join the stage and start presenting to everyone, make sure your camera and microphone are turned on by clicking the 'Cam' and 'Mic' buttons in your bottom menu toolbar so they become green.

5. You can also share your screen, share a video, start recording, and invite other people to join the stage with you in Presentation Mode!

6. Once you're done with your presentation and you'd like to return to the floor, simply press the ‘Present’ icon again, and then select ‘Yes Back to Floor’

Please note, in Presentation Mode, the other guests only see you as the presenter (and any other presenters). They cannot see the other guests at their table anymore


Other users (host, event managers, speakers), besides the host that started the presentation, have to turn their microphone and camera on to join the stage

The host, event managers, and speakers can join and leave the stage freely by turning on/off their camera and microphones

If the Host or Event manager presses Present again, all guests will go back to the floor

Make sure your devices are set correctly before starting a presentation