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We have a variety of notifications or sounds to keep you informed about the activities that happen during a Remo event. These will help you have a great event experience...

Here are the notifications you may hear or see:

Joining a Table:

  • When a guest receives an invitation to join a table, a sound alerts them

  • When a guest joins a table, all people at that table are alerted by a sound


  • When the event host sends an announcement, all guests in the space get notified by a sound


  • A red pop-up circle with the number of unread messages you've got will be shown above the 'Chat' button in your bottom menu toolbar

  • If your Chatbox is already open, you'll be able to see the number of unread messages broken down by the different Chat levels

  • If you've already got a chat open and you've got other unread messages, you'll be able to see a red circle next to the back arrow on the top left corner of your chatbox

  • For Table Chat and Private Chat, guests will also hear a sound notification when a new message comes through. For General Chat there is no sound notification.