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Something went wrong when you validated your design?!

No biggie!

Let’s review some common design mistakes when it comes to Custom Floor Plans:

1. Wrong naming

Remember that you need to respect the layer naming like 'table-xxx', 'table-yyy', 'seat-xxx', 'seat-yyy', 'sponsor-' and other layer names as explained in our guidelines. Our system identifies elements of the design based on the name of its layer, so naming it differently will cause the element to be ignored.

2. Overlapping

Tables in the floor plan are comprised of different elements such as the seats, table names, the actual design of the table e.t.c. So, when you group all of these elements together to create the 'table-' layer, you must make sure this group (area of the table layer) does not overlap with another table layer. If it does this will cause problems as guests will not be able to enter those tables.

When guests (or hosts) move tables they do so by double-clicking to where they would like to move too. If table areas are overlapping each other, Remo will not understand which table the user wants to move to.

When designing the floor plan, you need to make sure all elements you want present in the table are grouped together in a layer called 'table-(name)'.

From this image, Table 1 and Table 6 will overlap each other as the oval outlined in green is part of Table 1, but is currently in Table 6's area.

To fix this, you would just need to either remove that green oval shape or re-position it within Table 1's area.

You can check whether any of your tables are overlapping each other through our Custom Floor Plan Validator. Once you upload your file here, and you scroll down you'll be able to see an image of your floor plan and which elements are being picked up where.

From this image, the two tables outlined in green are overlapping each other and would need to be separated first.


3. Logos or other images were not saved on the design

(Primarily for those using Adobe Illustrator)

If you insert a logo or image in your design, you have to embed it. Otherwise, it won't be saved as a part of the design, but as a link. And then if you submit it like that and we upload it, the logo/ image will disappear.

To embed an image in Adobe Illustrator:

1. Open up your Links Window by selecting 'Window' at the top of your screen, and then 'Links'

2. The Links Window should display all the images you've used in your design file

3. Select the image you'd like to embed from this list

4. Right-click on the image or click the 3 parallel horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your Links Window, and select 'Embed image(s)'

4. Table names can't be changed

To make your table names dynamic (i.e. let you edit them in the event space itself), there are two requirements you must follow:

  •  The table name should be inside the 'table-' layer group
  • The text element's layer must be called 'name' with no sub-layers below it

If these two points are not followed, the system will not recognize the text as dynamic.

In the above image, the first two examples will not produce dynamic table names. Only the third example will give a table name that is dynamic.

5. Problems identifying sponsor 1

Sometimes you might notice when you validate your floor plan, that one of your content banners is overlapping all of your other content banners, as pictured below:

This is usually because of the naming of your sponsor banner group. If you call the group of content banners 'sponsor' or 'sponsor 1', then Remo will recognize the entire group as one single content banner. Therefore, please don't use 'sponsor' to name this or any layer group.


6. The conference area is too wide (or the size of other elements is too big)

Remember that the recommended area for the 'conference-area' layer is 2200 x 1300 pixels. It can be smaller or wider (not too big!), and the ideal aspect ratio is 16:10

That being said, our maximum size for the conference-area is 2300 x 1700 pixels, anything larger than this, and your guests' devices may not be compatible with that zoom level, and they won't be able to see your entire floor plan when they first enter.

7. Hiding elements

If you are using one of our templates and you find an element on there you would not like to use, please remove the element completely. If you just hide that element, the system will still read that element. So you must completely delete it from the file.

For example, if you have a table of 6 seats, and you decide you want to remove 2 of those seats to create a 4 seater table. You cannot just hide or make invisible those 2 seats, you need to properly delete them from the file. 

Remember, even though you can't see it on the file, the system can!

8. Wrong format

Remember that you need to save your design as an SVG file. We can't upload files saved in other formats.

Now your design is correct! 

Awesome! ✨✨

Before uploading your floor plan, please remember to validate it once more using our floor plan validator/uploader within your Account Settings page here

Once you're ready and happy with it, you can upload it to your account using the uploader within Account Settings (if your plan has access to this), or get in touch with our team for assistance!