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If you are facing issues with trying to join a Remo event or use functionality such as your microphone, camera, or chat, this may be due to your network firewall settings which is blocking you from connecting to one of our core services, Firestore.

This article covers:

What is the Firestore Error

Below is an image of how the error looks like:

Problems with your network firewall settings can often result in issues such as the following:

  • Unable to join a Remo event
  • Avatars disappearing from the floor plan
  • Unable to turn on your camera and microphone
  • Cannot see or hear other people at your table or in Presentation Mode (or have others see and hear you)
  • Unable to send or receive messages via the chat
  • Your name may not show up in the Participants List in Presentation Mode

If you are facing issues similar to any of the above, we encourage you to please follow the steps in this article.

Recommendations for how to fix the Firestore Error

Now let's see how the firestore error can be fixed:

Recommendation 1: Close other apps with mic/cam

Please close any other applications that may be using your device's camera/microphone, as it needs to be disabled or closed for Remo to function well. Examples: Zoom, MS Teams etc.

Recommendation 2: Retry system check

Sometimes this error may occur due to momentary circumstances, but attempting again can often resolve the issues. So, we recommend trying a quick recheck by clicking "Retry System Check". If the issue still persists though, please try the other steps listed below.

Recommendation 3: Turn off VPN

If you are using a VPN, try turning this off. In general, we do not recommend using a VPN as this can interfere with some of the functionality of the platform.

If you cannot or are not allowed to turn off VPN, please get in touch with your IT team so they can allow the domains mentioned in the article: How to Access Remo using a VPN

Recommendation 4: Switch network connection.

If you are not able to turn off your VPN or configure it to allow Remo, try switching to an alternate network such as mobile hotspot that is not on a VPN or firewall.

How do I connect my laptop to my mobile hotspot?
1. On your laptop device click on WiFi and search for your Phone WiFi Network.
2. Input your Hotspot password from your phone and click on connect.
3. And you are all set, go to a web browser to check your internet connection.

Recommendation 5: Use alternate device without VPN/Firewall.

Try joining the Remo event using another device preferably a personal device or mobile phone with a public network (without VPN/Firewall restrictions).

If the issue still persists, please reach out to for further assistance.

Why this Firestore Error can occur

What is the firestore error? This Firestore error occurs when your ISP is currently blocking access to our database. 

For Remo to run smoothly, users must be able to connect to this database, known as Firestore. This can usually happen when a user is on a VPN connection or trying to access Remo from a corporate network that has a restrictive firewall. 

Therefore, we advise the user to switch to an alternative network, like switching WiFi connections or using mobile hotspot, or if possible, to turn off their VPN/firewall completely.

What is firewall? A firewall filters the information coming through the Internet connection into your private network or computer system. Remo requires access to specific ports in your firewall. These determine whether or not a program can access or be accessed by your computer.

If using a firewall or VPN, you can find the full list of domains to whitelist in the articles below:

Also, please have a look at the Operating Devices and Browsers Supported on Remo Conference. to make sure you are using a supported device/browser.

If the issue still persists, please reach out to our success team via email at with the details mentioned in the article I encountered an Error. How do I Report this?