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Why payments fail?

1. Type of payment is not allowed

Some financial institutions block recurring payments. This means you can't use a card with this limitation as your payment method, because every time we try to charge you, your bank will block the transaction. Please, add another payment method or contact your bank to allow this transaction

2. Wrong card details

Please check your card number, expiration date, CVV code, and other details to make sure they are correct. This usually happens for first payments when you are registering your card

3. Expired or blocked

If your card has expired/was blocked, please add another payment method

If your card is expiring soon, please add another payment method

4. Not enough funds 

Please check your balance before your card is charged. This usually happens with debit cards and credit cards that may be overdrafted because of the subscription payment

5. Payment was not confirmed

Some banks need account holder approval to process a payment higher than a certain amount. If you don't confirm your payment, it will be declined or held until you confirm the transaction. In that case, the payment usually appears as 'Pending'

6. Payment was not confirmed (3D Secure)

3D Secure is a payment standard that aims to reduce fraud by adding two-factor authentication to online transactions. How it works? Every time you make an online payment, your bank sends you a code by SMS and you have to introduce it in the checkout form to confirm the transaction. If you don't receive the SMS codes, please contact your bank