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Use this article if Remo appears sluggish. You may have an issue with your internet speed.

This flow diagram shows the general approach to troubleshooting your internet speed:

Take these steps to optimize your internet speed:

1.  If you haven’t done so already, test your internet speed here

We recommend a minimum of 8 Mbps download speed to maintain a high quality and stable connection

2.  If your internet speed is less than 8 Mbps download, here are some ways you can optimize your internet speed: 

  • Close all other applications running in the background
  • Place your operating device near your router
  • Turn off any other devices using wifi as this can affect video quality
  • If you need to have 2 devices, keep them separated
  • Change the location of your router (or contact your Internet service provider to help with this)
  • Contact your Internet provider to update your internet plan